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Martin has just stepped down as strategic director for the cereals and oilseeds division of AHDB. This wide-ranging role required him to ensure that AHDB had the right strategies in place for the industry it served and to build relationships with its stakeholders to ensure that its levy payers had a voice in the organisation. Prior to that he worked on business development for the organisation setting up a regional team and extension programme to giver access to the knowledge and skills that were required for a competitive UK industry.

Before AHDB, Martin worked for the Meat and Livestock Commission holding a wide range of roles from research, through marketing to strategic planning. He stepped out of the business twice, once to head up a project to help develop scotch beef sales in Europe and then to lead the Red Meat Industry Forum which focussed on improving business skills along the red meat supply chains. It was in this role that Martin focussed on skills training and education and was a founder member of the Agri Skills Forum.

Martin has a degree in Animal Physiology and a PhD in ruminant nutrition.

Martin Grantley-Smith


Our team not only has over 100 years meat industry experience, but decades of knowledge from other food sectors and the field of vocational education too. Like you, we’ve run businesses and training programmes. So we’ve seen first-hand what a difference improving skills can make, not only to your people but also to your bottom line.

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